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Gant Rugger Relay

Posted on February 22, 2013, by paul

Team Americano & The Gant Rugger Relay

In celebration of their Spring/Summer 2013 menswear launch, Gant, the preppy luxe fashion stalwart, have announced two rather interesting initiatives for the season.

‘Team Americano’ enlists the rugged handsomeness of six American chaps, all linked with the fashion industry, and has them dressed in their favourite pieces of the collection as they take on the dangerous world of global fashion events. The first stop was the menswear trade show Pitti Ummo; highlighting the versatility of the Spring/Summer  collection, each shot of the individual gents in their Gant attire is set to inspire and showcase the fashionable utilitarian pieces in a new light, aware from manicured stores and look books, into the real world.

Continuing this theme, the brands Creative Director, Christopher Bastin, and his team have created the ‘Gant Rugger Relay’ – a viral tale that taps into the popularity and ubiquity of street style blog shots and its knock on effect within the menswear market. Beginning with Christopher and his sartorial selection, each member of the relay chooses their favourite Gant pieces to be shot in, and gives an insight into their personal style to accompany the photo– they then nominate the next person to take part. A pioneering take on the concept of relay, the idea has the potential to cover the globe and reveal some interesting individuals and their take on the Gant collection; it may even be winging it’s way towards you.

View progress of the ‘Rugger Relay’ at