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Bespoke tailoring with Roberto Revilla

Posted on March 5, 2013, by Gary Kingsnorth

London is the capitol of the world when it comes to bespoke tailoring, the craftsmanship of tailoring which has been around for hundreds of years and the legendary Savile Row and the surrounding area of London is currently going through a resurgent period as stylish men discover the art of a great looking and fitting, bespoke suit. Customers sometimes fly to London especially for a bespoke suit because of the craftsmanship and high quality of the tailoring, which can often mean a number of fittings. Custom or ‘bespoke’ tailoring is a suit which is cut and made to measure for the customer to fit his precise measurements and requirements.

Recently, the Style King in collaboration with Heineken had a suit tailor made by one of London’s finest young tailors to celebrate the release of the Bond movie Skyfall on DVD ,  after my bespoke suit was delivered and left me feeling like James Bond you realise there is no going back to off the peg.

Roberto Revilla, a London based tailor combines quality, style and value providing a unique by appointment only service, without the overheads of being on ‘the Row’. The tailor will show you the most luxurious cloths in the world, my suit was made with a fabric by Anglo-French company Dormeuil and will guide you effortlessly through the bespoke service.

Here, we take you through the process of choosing and what to expect from a bespoke suit, a concept which every stylish man should try at least once during his lifetime. Roberto Revilla, creates tailoring that is affordable without compromising on style and quality.

The Bespoke Service.

1. Roberto Revillo will guide you through the array of different cloths to choose from, it is  a good idea to have a few ideas on  the style that you would like. My inspiration was James Bond and more specifically Daniel Craig who is renowned for his bespoke suits so a great starting point.

2. Choose the colour, style, lining, buttons, pockets of suit with guidance from your tailor. I chose a grey single breasted one-button suit with narrow trousers which is perfect for both professional and social engagements.

3. Your personal measurements are taken, this will ensure that your suit fits perfectly and any imperfections hopefully hidden.

4. The cut of the suit will be discussed with help and guidance from your tailor, who will ensure you get the best quality suit made for your shape.

5. After all your measurements have been taken and your style of suit has been decided, it is time for the tailor to start the suit making process which can take anything from one month to one year depending on your tailor and how quickly you need the suit.

6. The separate parts of the suit are first cut out on paper and then laid on the fabric to start the process.

7. The first fitting will take place to see where the suit needs adjusting and you can see the suit coming together, at this stage you will already notice the difference in quality between the custom made and suits you have bought before from the high street.

8. Depending on timings often the suit can take a dozen fittings, although mine only took two. The total  process should take between six and eight weeks so if you need a suit for a specific appointment, make sure you plan enough time as some tailors can take months.

9. Finally, the suit is finished and pressed ready for the customer, mine was hand delivered by Roberto Revilla. This is the kind of service that you will come to expect from a professional bespoke tailor.

A tailor made suit will reflect your personality and individuality in a way that cannot be found in a ready made suit from your local high street. To stand out in the modern world,  a classic old school tailor will leave you looking more contemporary and sophisticated than you have ever felt before and doesn’t need to cost a small fortune.

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