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Posted on February 21, 2013, by Gary Kingsnorth

Levi’s 501′s are one of the most worn  and loved styles of jeans and Spring/Summer 2013 marks the 140th anniversary of the iconic style. To celebrate the anniversary the brand is introducing a rather cool non-denim line of chino style pants in red, green, blue and red.

As part of the campaign called ’501 Interpretation’ in which fans of the 501  interpret their own unique sense of style, the Style King asked one of our contributors and ex Levi’s Creative Director Gary Harvey to show us how the new collection  can be worn.

Throughout the decades the 501 has remained cool and has constantly evolved to remain relevant for generations. Every stylish wardrobe should posses a pair of denim 501′s and are one of those items that the older they get the better they look.

For more information and check out more images from the ’501 interpretation’ campaign on,  a selection of images will be selected and made into a limited edition ‘Book of 501′ with all proceeds going to charity later this year.

Photography by Maya Glaser