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Selvedge Denim

Posted on December 15, 2014, by Gary Kingsnorth

You have probably often heard the expression Selvedge Denim, but what actually does the term mean. As we celebrate the anniversary of the Levis 501, one of the most famous styles of jeans we thought a little explanation would be a good idea.

Selvedge denim is created on old style shuttle looms that create a higher quality denim, most denim today is produced on projectile or bigger looms that are faster which is why the quality on regular denim is not as good.

American denim was considered superior but in the 1950′s when denim became popular and American manufactures saw the demand for their denim skyrocket they started looking for faster and less expensive ways of producing denim. As many of the famous denim brands upgraded to the new looms many of the old looms ended up in Japan – hence you often hear the term ‘Japanese denim’.

In order to recognise the higher quality denim the ‘Selvedge’ or edge is characterised with a coloured yarn. When the cuff of your denim is turned up you will see the selvage edge which shows the denim is authentic. For denim aficionados and those enthusiastic about denim this is a fashion must have.

All the big denim brands including Levi’s Vintage, Edwin, Lee, Wrangler, G-Star and Diesel produce selvedge denim which will age beautifully and actually look better the older and more washed they become. For all those who appreciates quality this is the way to go for stylish denim that is built to last.