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Posted on February 25, 2013, by jack

The eyes of the world may have been on the the gowns of the female attendees, but for the men of Hollywood, the Oscars are still the most important night in their sartorial calendar. The 2013 Oscars saw a return to the traditional tuxedo and bow tie – with each of our favourite stars putting their own spin on the classic look.

Eddie Redmayne

You can always rely on Eddie Redmayne to look suave on the red carpet. His Alexander McQueen tuxedo was the perfect choice – classic, sharp and undeniably Hollywood. We loved the velvet slippers that finished off this traditional look.Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Star of the Oscar-nominated Lincoln, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked slick in a two-button suit and bow tie. As we always say with mens formal wear, the devil is in the details – we loved the subtle black buttons on his dress shirt. In a nice Oscars moments props have to go to Sally Fields who helped his re-tie his bow-tie in the back of his limo. Channing Tatum

Hollywood beefcake Channing Tatum looked surprisingly dapper in his shawl collar tuxedo three-piece. With the perfectly tailored suit and sharp, cropped hair, Channing Tatum looked every inch the leading man. Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis has been known to make some interesting red carpet choices, but this year, as he celebrated his Best Actor award for Lincoln, he opted for the traditional tuxedo. We loved the choice of a navy tuxedo and the slightly jaunty bow tie completed Day-Lewis’ English gentleman in Hollywood look perfectly. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been a very enjoyable addition to this year’s awards season – and his tailoring choices have got better and better. With super slicked back hair and his mother as his date, Bradley Cooper showed why he’s one of Hollywood’s most eligible leading men. 

George Clooney

Oscars 2013 seemed to be the battle of the beard – with Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Ben Affleck all wearing theirs with pride. But it was George Clooney’s slightly scruffy beard that gets our honour – it fitted perfectly with his laid-back red carpet attitude. When will George Clooney ever get it wrong?Jack Moss.